The Local reaches 7,000 members 12 months after launching reader revenue

The Local, one of the 70+ organisations we’ve included in our Engaged Journalism in Europe Database, has reached 7,000 members across its nine sites just 12 months after launching membership. Their editorial approach has changed too — from the articles they commission to the way they involve readers in their journalism.

Key quote? "The most positive aspect has been the development of a more collaborative approach to our journalism. Readers are much more visible on our sites than a year ago. We ask Members for tips on everything from citizenship applications to the best supermarkets, we offer advice on things like buying a home or getting a pension, and we are on the side of internationals in increasingly nationalist times"

The one takeaway?
It's interesting to see that the top stories for conversion to membership were helpful guides – to buying a property, renting, and managing your pension. There’s value in helpful and trusted information.

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