How Junkee Media engages a ‘more politically aware, engaged and frustrated’ audience

Junkee Media was born out of a popular dance site in 2014 and is attracting a large politically-savvy audience. In order to keep up to speed with these consumers, they've focused on surveying up to 30,000 people over nine years.

Key quote? "The business commissions research firm Pollinate to test out its hypotheses on audiences and then uses the results to inform both content and commercial deals. While to some this may seem a costly and time-consuming exercise, for Duggan (the publisher) this background work has effectively given Junkee its reason for being."

The one takeaway? Instead of making assumptions about your community ‘based on a hunch’ or stereotypes, invest significantly in carrying out research. Use the research to test out your hypotheses on your community and its evolution. And use the results to inform content and commercial opportunities, and ultimately, to give your organisation its reason for being

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