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Participants at a Engaged Journalism Accelerator event (credit: Thom Bartley)
Participants at an Engaged Journalism Accelerator event (credit: Thom Bartley)

The Engaged Journalism Accelerator community is for people practising engaged journalism that want to connect with and learn from others doing community-driven journalism across Europe.

Our mission is to help create positive, more resilient and more impactful relationships between news organisations and the communities they serve. We hope the Accelerator community will help broker meaningful relationships and lead to collaborations that endure long after the programme has finished.

To guide our efforts, we’ve selected six Accelerator ambassadors from six countries to run face-to-face events for journalists and other practitioners interested in community-driven journalism in their countries. You can read more about them here.

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- Have the chance to input on research, resources and case studies produced by the Accelerator team

We won't contact you more than once or twice a month and we will never share your personal details with anyone else. Read our privacy policy here.

If you have any questions about the Accelerator, check out our FAQs or email us at hello[at]


Six ambassadors from across Europe helping us to shape our work and running engaged journalism events for practitioners

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